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Jan 1, 2013 5:00pm PST
this was the capital one bowl. george ra the gator bowl against mississippi state nebraska takes the lead. and the first with murray. flushed out. throwing it to marshall, a nice catch. 24 yds and to take a look with chris connelly. we speed it up. no defenders and you were 87 yds to put the game on ice. five touchdowns. georgia ovictorious. michigan vs. south carolina. taking on the michigan wolverines. sanders, take a look. 14-3 south carolina. 22-21. take a look! this ball is free. and how under four minutes, michigan takes the lead by one in. 17 seconds, thompson. for the injured starter ellington and it makes the catch. the game-winning touchdown. 33- 28. a south carolina. northwestern has not had a victory since 1949 the longest drought in college history. it ended today in the gator bowl against mississippi state. fitzgerald. tyler russell intercepted by quentin williams. and on the 30 yd line, northwestern, 7- nothing. cold air cannot find a receiver and it takes it off and 31 yds down to the number 4 yd line. and trevor 27-13 northwestern. 34-20 = final score. fitzgerald. their f
Jan 30, 2013 5:00pm PST
and power lines are down. in texas, mississippi alabama and indiana. this steeple was torn from a church in alabama. farthe pastor says he's just grateful no one was inside at the time. it's just one of many buildings damaged in the area. and this is some of the damage in indiana.where barns, homes and stores were damaged. the huge storm front left its mark from the gulf coast - to the great lakes. >> jacqueline: temperatures for in the 60s in a number of locations. 68 in santa rosa, sunnyvale, pleasanton and 66 degrees in san jose. as we look of the current conditions rather mild. temperatures are in the 60s for the most part we are dropping into the 50s. as we take a look at futurecast widespread 40's and it will stay in my health. her dropping into the 30's in some locations as for goal for the early afternoon. tens will get into the 60s with widespread 60s for the afternoon tomorrow and even 70's purify will take a look kaftans in your little hut and how long have warm weather is going to last. >> catherine: the federal reserve says economic growth "paused" in recent months. it's rea
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2